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Youth Progress Foster Parents are part of a community deeply committed to providing caring, culturally responsive, therapeutic homes for young people in the system.


Families and More Connect (FAMConnect) is the foundation of our foster care programs, focused on the recruitment, certification, training, support for our community of Therapeutic Foster Parents.

Our most sacred commitment to you is that you will never be alone in your journey as a Foster Parent.

We offer culturally responsive and trauma-informed therapeutic foster care training that supports the growth, psychosocial and emotional development, and success of our young people.

"We had the space in our hearts and our home, and knew there was a need." 

Youth Progress Foster Parent

Our Foster Parents are able to be generalists or specialize based on placement matching criteria. Proctor parents work with a team of experienced professionals who develop and coordinate the young person’s service plan focusing on therapeutic, educational, vocational, independent living, and social goals.

Watch as our foster parents, Nanci & Nick, help 18-year-old Sebastien see his potential and change his life.

That’s just part of why they see fostering as the most meaningful and important job in the world. Hear their story.

Stories provided by our collaborating organization, Foster Plus.


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