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Our Programs

At Youth Progress we provide culturally responsive, trauma-informed, engagement-based, and youth-centered programs and services.

Community Collective

Community Collective

Community Collective is our culturally-responsive, community-based therapeutic foster care program. This program works to stabilize all genders of young people within their community with the long-term goal towards family reunification or independent living.
     (971) 219-8656
Learning Center

Learning Center

The Learning Center is our culturally-responsive, center-based therapeutic foster care program designed specifically to meet the academic, social & emotional, therapeutic, and recreational needs of students in foster care.
            503-233-6121 ext. 123
College and Career Attainment  Program

College and Career Attainment  Program

The College and Career Attainment Program provides culturally-responsive services through proctor foster home placements and our Career Center. The program focuses on successful transitions into the community, essential skills development, job readiness training, college and career planning, budgeting and money management, and independent living skill development in order to promote a successful transition to adulthood. The program also includes Individual Development Accounts and RentWell Classes. The program serves young people ages 17-25, in the care and custody of the Oregon Youth Authority.

Where you can reach us:

503-233-6121 ext. 122


Where you can find us:

7916 SE Foster Road, Suite 103

Portland, OR 97206

Alba Collaborative

Alba Collaborative

Alba Collaborative is an innovative, culturally-responsive partnership for prevention, early intervention, and supportive services for youth who are experiencing housing instability. Youth Progress provides safe short-term emergency housing and support in caring foster homes.

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