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Help support the youth in our programs as they embark on a transformational journey with our staff and foster parents!

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What's The Story?

Young people in foster care and/or the juvenile justice system often find themselves far away from home, disconnected from their community, and without a sense of belonging. This is especially true for BIPOC young people in these systems. Without necessary support, guidance, and community, youth often respond to traumatic experiences in unhealthy ways. 

These young people often suffer discrimination at a higher rate than their peers. What results is the story. 

A common narrative that paints young people in foster care as a lost cause, problematic, or poorly behaved.

Help us change the story

These young people are vulnerable, resilient, and hopeful. And at Youth Progress, we have built a foundation upon which they can thrive. This foundation will allow us to do our part to create a safe and stable environment for these youth to build character, a sense of identity, and a healthy self-esteem. 


Families and More Connect (FAMConnect) is the foundation of our foster care programs, focused on the recruitment, certification, training, and support for our community of Therapeutic Foster Parents. Additionally, through a partnership with Espousal Strategies, we have redoubled our commitment to advancing racial equity throughout our organization and within these systems.


Your gift is powerful. With your support, we can continue to build upon our foundational belief that young people in these systems are future leaders, scholars, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

By donating to Youth Progress, you will be investing in the success of young people in our community. This includes providing:

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  • Young people with culturally-responsive services and trauma-informed care.

  • Best-in-class training and support for staff and foster parents.

  • A Covid-safe and healthy environment for young people including masks, disinfectants, and other PPE.

  • Online and/or socially distanced groups, classes, and activities to keep young people physically and mentally active and engaged.

  • Build and design new and innovative programs to meet the diverse needs of young people in our community.

Help us change the story by donating today. 

Our goal is to reach $25,000 by January 1, 2021. 

This will help young people, foster parents, and staff in working together to change the story of youth in foster care!


Please give what you can as 100% go towards a warm home and professional support for young people in foster care.

So we can give our 110% effort to changing their experience and improving outcomes.


Watch as foster parent, Zoe, and young people, Chy and Angel, find their truth to change the story on their transformational journey together.


"Truth is the decision to own what you need to do to move yourself forward." - Zoe Piliafas, foster parent

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Youth Progress Stories

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How Cynthia Binns is changing the story

Cynthia Binns has a big heart and incredible endurance. Time and again she goes above and beyond to care for the young people in her home. During this pandemic, she opened her heart and home to two remarkable twin boys. She was supportive and kept them both stable despite all the challenges. Ms. Cynthia has a special ability to maintain a nurturing environment for the youth in her home. Ultimately, one of the young men was able to be placed into a higher level of care that best met his individualized needs. And the other young man continues to thrive in Ms. Cynthia's home.


"Ms. Cynthia is creating a positive impact on young people's lives in ways they will never forget." - Youth Progress staff member

Youth Progress Foster Parent

Youth Progress Foster Parents

How Joey & Chelsea Phelan are changing the story

Joey & Chelsea keep a warm and comfortable home. After a youth with a Honduras background was placed into their home, they made a Honduran meal for the young man to feel more at home. He expressed that no other foster home has ever cooked him a Honduran meal before. It meant so much to him, he cooked Joey & Chelsea a surprise Honduran lunch! After getting to know him, Joey & Chelsea learned that the youth didn't enjoy going to school. They are changing the story by teaching the value of education, helping with homework, and providing a comfortable and safe place without judgment. As a result, the young person has discovered a new appreciation for education. The family has built a close relationship that continues to grow on their journey together. 

Every time I speak with Chelsea, she is pouring herself into helping her youth with his homework and artwork. I want to thank the Phelans for making such a positive impact and hanging through some tough times.” 

- Youth Progress staff member


How FAM Connect is changing the story

FAM Connect is a team of caring, compassionate, and highly skilled professionals focused on supporting our foster parent community. The team supports foster parents day in and day out. In the good times and the bad. They see firsthand how much time and effort foster parents put into the success and well-being of the young people placed in their homes.


Working so closely with foster parents has revealed to the FAM Connect team the beautiful relationships that have developed between young people and their foster parents. Meanwhile, the bonds that form between foster parents and the FAM Connect team only strengthen the support system for young people in foster care. 


Supporting foster parents, so foster parents can support young people in foster care. That’s how the caring and supportive FAM Connect team is helping to change the story for young people in foster care. 

What people don’t see from outside the organization is that it takes a special person to be a foster parent. They are intelligent and love to learn. They are sharp and caring. They are phenomenal.” - FAM Connect Team Member


Youth Progress Young Person

How Y.T is changing the story

Y.T. is a young person in our College and Career Attainment Program (CCAP). Like many teens, he loves to hike, camp, and play sports and video games. He also enjoys cooking with his family because, in those moments, everyone has fun cooking together. 


Y.T. has embarked on a transformational journey with Youth Progress. So far, he has learned to make a resume, obtain a job, and be responsible with money. As a member of CCAP, he has shown growth and dedication to becoming the best version of himself. Y.T.'s goal after graduating from CCAP is to have an apartment, a roommate, and to earn an income that will allow him to live comfortably. #changethestory

“Even if you have had a really hard life while being a child and teenager you can still turn it around and have a better adulthood with all the people that are willing to help you make good sacrifices.” - Y.T.

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*initials and photo are not the 

actual youth due to confidentiality*

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