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 Stabilizing today, soaring tomorrow 
 Honoring 60 years! 

Young people at Youth Progress have experienced more chaos than any young person should endure. We help youth to find stability and connection, helping them to soar.

This has been our purpose for 60 years – will you join us to make it our mission for 60 more by becoming a monthly donor? Recurring gifts help meet the complex needs of each young person in our care, and we adapt programming as needed to improve impact and outcomes. 

We Soar Together BY:

  • Advancing educational goals through credit recovery, high school completion/GED, or college enrollment;

  • Securing employment as appropriate to the individual service plan;

  • Improving independent living skills, behavioral indicators & emotional well-being;

  • Strengthening family connections & relationships;

  • Improving conflict resolution, communication, and problem-solving skills;

  • Participation in community-based activities that result in an increased sense of belonging and connection;

  • Securing safe and stable housing upon exit, through family reunification or independent living.

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